Pro-active Consulting Inc. provides translation services covering a wide range of subjects specializing in medicine and pharmaceutical areas.

Medical field

Section Types of Medical Documents
CMC (API & Drug products) Documents of Test Procedures and Acceptance Criteria
(API & Drug Products) Stability Test Report
Certificate of Analysis (COA)
Documents of GMP Process Control such as DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ
Other items required for CTD or IMPD Documents
Nonclinical Studies Pharmacology Study Report (including Safety Pharmacology Study)
Toxicity Study Report
ADME Report
Report Documents related to other Nonclinical Studies
Clinical Trials Investigator’s Brochure (IB)
Informed Consent Form
Clinical Study Reports (CSR)
Case Report Form (CRF)
Report Documents related to other Clinical Studies
Pharmaceutical Affairs Common Technical Document (CTD)
Annual Report
Pharmaceutical Regulations and the related documentation
Documentation for GxP GMP, GQP, Quality Manuals, SOP, Other documents
Post Marketing Surveillance Documentation Package insert and Instructions for use
Post Marketing Product Surveillance Documents, Reports
Literature Documentation
Cosmetics, Supplements and Medical devices Brochures, Other Related Documents
Medicine-Related Patent Patent Publication, Patent Specification
Other MSDS

Corporate Management, Economy

Section Types of Documents
Financial Data Annual Reports
Financial Statements
Annual Securities Reports
M&A Related documents
Management Press Release
Business Reports
Audit Reports
Company Brochure
Training Materials
Presentation Materials
Business Letters