GxP Auditing & Quality Assurance Consultation

For Pharmaceutical Companies, if you have any questions regarding

  • how to conduct GLP or GCP overseas
  • how to inspect or audit after outsourcing companies overseas to conduct tests
  • how to inspect or audit ingredient, raw material or final product manufacturers overseas
  • how to adopt production systems for Western countries
  • how to conduct training of GLP, GCP, GMP/GQP and GVP for new employees

Management Consulting

For Enterprises, we will support all areas of tasks such as

  • To investigate the cause of the decline in sales
  • How to write a Business plan
  • How to make suggestions to improve operational efficiency
  • How to generate ideas for new product development
  • How to enhance productivity, streamline processes and improve quality control practices
  • How to give your employees training options

Translation Services

We offer translation services in Japanese, English and other languages, providing high quality translation solutions on time and on budget.

  • Documents, Materials etc.
  • Essays
  • Business letters
  • How do you translate this kind of situation? (Contact us for free of charge)

Other inquiries

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