• Corporate Finance Research
  • Business Performance Research (External environment, Internal environment)
  • Business problem analysis (Identify business problems and the causes)

Business operation and financial condition investigation that is commonly called “Due Diligence” can clarify actual business conditions of a company. In the finance condition investigation, we provide a broad-ranging analysis of the condition and trend of operation (or Enterprise) based on multi-year (over the last three years) financial statements and data such as supplementary schedules.
We clarify business problems through listening to the opinions of business operators regarding external and internal environments of the organization. Then we delve deeper into the cause of problems and identify the root cause that can be resolved.

  • Issues in research and development (Product development)

To create a new product, rather than starting with a novel idea, 1. To think a combination of facts with great tenacity, 2. Being aware of market needs objectively, and 3. New product creation is realized by matching these. The business operators that have failed including research and development have a lack of one of the three phases.

PAC confirms corporate ability and power through listening to the opinions of business operators and company results. Then we clarify the issues of research and development and propose the point of view to create new products and services.

  • Issues in manufacturing system and management (1. Production efficiency)

The basis of production management is Process Management and 5S. Also, from the perspectives of efficiency, the 5 Focusing Steps of the TOC should be noted. Each product or production method in companies is different. It has its own contents. Therefore, it is difficult to clarify where the manufacturing problem is.
PAC clarifies problems in production systems and management, then proposes strategies to improve with numeric data such as cost management based on manufacturing process information of each product.

Five Focusing Steps

  • Identify the system’s constraint (bottlenecks).
  • Exploit the system’s constraint.
  • Subordinate everything else to the exploitation decisions.
  • Elevate the performance of the constraint
  • Repeat the above steps if you have created a new constraints. Do not allow previous decisions made in Steps 1 to 4 to become constraints.
  • Issues in manufacturing system and management (2. Risk Management)

Among manufacturing industries, the pharmaceutical industry and food industry are in the industrial field that extremely high reliability is required. Therefore, ensuring the traceability to fulfill accountability to consumers and implementing risk management to minimize risks to consumers are essential items for these industries.
By utilizing all of our accumulated technology and knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, PAC proposes the methods of Quality Control incorporating promotion of production efficiency and continuous improvement-oriented mindsets.

  • Issues in Marketing

The basis of Marketing is 4P (Products, Prices, Place, Promotion) and competitive analysis (Five Forces Model). Marketing problems (Sales management) are also analyzed with the 4P and competitive analysis. We provide a broad-ranging analysis of evaluation. For example: What is the reason for slow sales? Is sales channel the only problem? Are products priced strategically? (Targeting sales), Are sales promotion measures taken appropriately? Are the target customers selected clearly?
For competitive analysis, we also analyze potential competitor with the Five Forces Model. PAC proposes development of an effective marketing plan through these analyses.

  • Issues in Human Resource and Labor Management

The goal of human resource and labor management is to improve organization and its employee morale including motivation and to expand their capabilities. To achieve this goal, it is essential that appropriate personnel evaluation, assessor management and target management are implemented. PAC supports establishment of performance appraisal systems including work-related behavioral traits evaluation and target management system through discussing with Human Resources representatives of a company. Also, we provide training and education on specific thinking techniques regarding specific fields of production/quality control, risk management and problem-solving abilities (Logical thinking) including assessor training.

  • Proposal for the direction (strategy) of business

For the way to think about the direction of business,

there are two methods. One is that a specific strategy is established by identifying certain actions that may need to be taken for“a desirable image of the future” with “envisaging its ideal future” under enthusiasm of the company president and the corporate philosophy. The other is that a strategy is established by meeting the needs of the market through taking advantage of the company’s and individual’s strength.

However, these two methods are not different. Therefore when the two match, a highly feasible business direction (strategy) is established. The most difficult part is identifying the corporate’s strengths. When listing the corporate strength, the corporate feature cannot be often focused as the point of appeal because it can objectively to be considered. First, considering corporate strengths subjectively is necessary and they are taken as settled strengths with some reasons. Also, weaknesses are resolved and reinforced. Then, a story to“a desirable image of the future” can be created.

Through discussing with the president and employees, PAC thoroughly clarifies “the strengths of the Company” and helps the development of a story (strategy) which can effectively be matched to the situations with “a desirable image of the future.”

Preparation and Follow-up of Business Plan

  • Business Plan Preparation Services

PAC helps development of company’s business plan in accordance with proposals of the direction (strategy) of business. Because a business plan is the party’s self-conducted plan so it is based on the development of a business plan by the party involved. Dedicated PAC assists development of business plans from the party’s point of view.

  • Follow-up of Business Plan (1 – 3 years)

For example, PAC confirms progress of business plan at a frequency of once in a month to three months, then suggests the priorities of the progress and action items, an improvement and review of the business plan with reports. We responsibly help you achieve business targets through the business plans that you created with our support.

Corporate management consulting

  • Mail, Call, Visit or Meeting

We provide consultation for business management and establishment. Please feel free to contact us anytime.
Basically PAC offers free consulting with a call or mail. We also provide you with consulting services free of charge at the first visiting or meeting until a quote is issued.
However due to the constraint of time availability, we will certainly inform you in advance when our consultation will be charged.

Management consulting of vocational facility for persons with disabilities

PAC offers advice on management of vocational facility for persons with disabilities. For this field we should invest a great energy, we are currently accumulating achievements of consulting to the facilities through participating in research conducted by the Saga Branch of the Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Association and the activities.

Consultancy of Quality Management

PAC is planning to support to companies that strives for introduction of ISO9000 etc., HACCP and establishment of the Quality Control System following HACCP based on our abundant experience of Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA).