As a small and medium enterprise management consultant (an expert in business management), we assist you in resolving your business problems.

  • Suggest an approach to solving the business issue with a method
  • Help with business plan writing such as business revitalization plan, management improvement plan and management innovation plan
  • Instruct improvement on site including 5S activity
  • Help with quality control manual writing such as factories, laboratory, HACCP factory and ISO
  • Help with mid-to long-term plan writing including management principle and vision
  • Help with wage rise plan writing of job assistance business for disabilities (A type & B type)

With investigating both financial and operational (hearing and on-site survey) aspects, we propose solutions of management issues. We provide support for a wide range of fields such as from manufacturing to wholesale, retails including supermarkets as well as agricultural, forestry and fisheries.

Business plan development and follow up

We develop your business plans and support the implementation.

  • Help with business plan writing
  • Support following up of business plan (1 to 3 years)

Business consulting

We provide consultation separately with e-mail, call or meeting.

Management consultants

We provide continuous support of management including business plan development and following up